PADUpdater FREE 2.016

Auto update tool to be bundled with your own software
2.016 (See all)

Auto update tool to be bundled with your own software, that will upgrade it to the latest version from your web site. It's meant for software developers that need an automatic software update component - it is FREEWARE even for commercial use!

Getting Started:
All you need to do really, is put PADUpdater.exe in your software folder, along with your PAD.XML file.
That's it!

Features and Benefits:
* No configuration needed. All settings are read from the PAD file
* Easy integration, Just copy and execute
* Single EXE file, No need for any DLL or .NET
* Can run from shortcut or from your application
* Portable
* Doesn't change registry
* Your application remains secure from internet DLL imports and firewall alerts
* Multi language (with language auto detection)
* Small (only ~1MB)
* No ads or spyware
* it's FREE even for commercial use!

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